Top New Years Resolutions

fireworksTop New Years Resolutions:

The start of the New Year is when most people tend to make one resolution or another. The problem is that they are so easy to make, and so easy to break. This site is dedicated to helping you stick to your resolutions. But firstly, what are the most popular ones?

The first resolution is one of the better known ones. After a tough Christmas period, eating all that fine food and lazing around all day, what do you promise yourself after? That you are going to lose weight of course! People tend to be quite vague in making their resolutions, and rather than say they intend to lose 20 pounds, they just say they are going to go on a diet. It is always best to be very specific with your goals, set targets and make sure they are acheivable. Try thinking of all the daily activities you do that can help you burn calories.

Another great favourite resolution at New Year is the ‘Quitting Smoking’ resolution. Hundreds of people will attempt to do so at this time of year though most will fail to stick to their resolution within the month of January alone. Try patches, pills, gum or any one of our tips. I was a long time smoker, but one year I just sat down and though to myself ‘I really Want To Give Up Smoking‘! This is a great one…if you can stick to it!

Detox the liver! Yep, you guessed, quitting drinking is another hugely popular resolution. Especially after the festive season, which is know for drinking to excess, to quit drinking becomes a really appealing thought. Once again, this is a very tough one to stick to and people do have a tendancy to give up within month one. Set your goals small and manageable, and make sure that you really give your liver a chance to detox. Read through our advice on helping you stop drinking. You don’t have to avoid social situations, but learn how to cope without the aid of a drink or two.

Some popular resolutions are more simple than giving up, or getting fit. A lot of people promise to do good deeds, or to improve their quality of life. A change of attitude, or outlook on life will often have a huge impact on the life’s of everyone around you.

Remember this, folks, it does not have to be a New Years Resolution, it can be lent, a special occasion or just a defining moment in your life when you want to make a change for the better. If you make your goals then STICK TO THEM. Give yourself reminders of why you are doing this, and what you want to acheive. Having managed to keep my last three resolutions I can honestly say that I feel one million times better for it. Not only for having reached my goals, but also for the positive effect it has had on my life.